The NRP uses a six-step process to help residents define what they want for their neighborhood, prepare their Neighborhood Action Plan and begin successful implementation. In cooperation with NRP and government staff, residents:

  1. Develop a Participation Agreement
    The neighborhood organization prepares a Participation Agreement that spells out how they will:

    Formation of Task Forces in the
    Harrison Neighborhood

    • Elect a neighborhood NRP steering committee to coordinate the planning process.
    • Get a diversity of people and interests involved.
    • Planned for the gather background information for the planning effort.
    • Define neighborhood issues and opportunities.
    • Structure meetings and events to develop their plan.

  2. Build a Diverse Citizen Participation Effort and Gather Information
    Issues, needs and opportunities are identified through outreach to a variety of individual residents and neighborhood groups. Outreach activities include meetings, surveys, events, focus groups and other efforts managed by the neighborhoods NRP steering committee.

  3. Draft a Plan
    Using information gathered through outreach efforts, the neighborhood NRP steering committee identifies the top issues, needs and opportunities. A draft plan with a vision statement, broad goals and clearly defined objectives is prepared. Assistance from government staff, nonprofit organizations and the private sector helps the committee to establish the strategies, timeliness, costs and responsibilities required for successful plan implementation.

  4. Review and Approve the Plan at the Neighborhood Level
    The NRP steering committee presents the draft plan to neighborhood residents and other stakeholders for their review, comment and approval.

    Neighbors Reviewing the
    Bancroft Neighborhood NRP Plan

  5. Submit Plan to Government Jurisdictions for Review, Approval and Funding
    The plan goes to the NRP's Management Review Team; Policy Board and the five participating jurisdictions for review and approval. A portion of the review focuses on using NRP money to leverage other resources to fill funding gaps in the plan.

  6. Implement the Plan
    The neighborhood organization staff and resident volunteers help carry out, monitor and revise the plan as it is implemented. Cooperation with government staff, nonprofit organizations and the private sector ensures successful and timely implementation of the Neighborhood Action Plan.
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