Common Project: Pooled revenue from a combination of some tax increment districts and MCDA development accounts that can be used for neighborhood redevelopment.

Joint-Powers Agreement: The contract between the NRP's five participating jurisdictions that establishes the NRP Policy Board as the governing body of the program and defines its composition and power.

Management Review Team: A group of neighborhood residents and senior managers from the NRP's five governing jurisdictions that meet regularly to coordinate staff involvement and ensure effective review, approval and implementation of the Neighborhood Action Plans. The MRT, created in April 1995, replaces the Implementation Committee, which fulfilled similar functions during the initial years of the program.

Neighborhood Action Plan: The multi-year, neighborhood-based plan that identifies the visions, goals, objectives and strategies that will address neighborhood priorities and direct the expenditure of NRP funds.

Participating Jurisdictions: The five governmental units that are involved in the NRP. Specifically, the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minneapolis Public Schools, the Minneapolis Library Board and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Participation Agreement: A workplan and budget that defines how a neighborhood will conduct its planning efforts.

Policy Board: The NRP's governing body, made up of 19 representatives from the neighborhoods, participating jurisdictions and other community interests, which provides overall direction for the Program and has primary responsibility for review and approval of Neighborhood Action Plans.

Protection Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods experiencing few social, physical and economic problems, but require attention to maintain the quality of life.

Redirection Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods experiencing serious social, physical and economic problems.

Revitalization Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods that are fundamentally sound, but are beginning to experience some social, physical and economic problems.

Tax Increment District: A geographic area where the tax capacity is frozen for a defined amount of time. The property taxes resulting from any increase in tax capacity above the frozen level are used to pay debt service on bonds, fund the NRP and to carry out other redevelopment projects.
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