Four primary goals are addressed through the development and implementation of Neighborhood Action Plans:

Prioritization of Issues in the Central Neighborhood

Vote on an NRP Plan in the Armatage Neighborhood
  • Building Neighborhood Capacity. When people organize and become more knowledgeable about how government works, they can help meet their community's needs. Their energy and creativity, combined with other public and private resources, are needed to offset declining federal, state and local funds. A diverse group of residents working together in each neighborhood can mobilize new assets and generate positive change.

  • Redesign Public Services. The people who live and work in a neighborhood are excellent judges of their neighborhood's priorities, opportunities and needs. The NRP gives residents a forum where unique neighborhood needs can be voiced to public officials and government staff. This dialog will lead to the reexamination of budget priorities and new methods of public service delivery.

  • Increase Government Collaboration. New efforts to communicate and to coordinate services within and among the five local government jurisdiaions serving Minneapolis will provide residents with more benefit for each public dollar spent on their needs.

  • Create a Sense of Community. Neighborhood revitalization ultimately depends on a sense of neighborhood identity and a commitment by all residents to make their neighborhood a better place to live, work, learn and play. The NRP gives neighborhood residents a framework for working together to enhance their sense of community.
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